Neal William's Adventure

Author-Robyn P Murray  
Illustrator-Geoff Popham    

Are you interested in adventures and nature well - if you are you should read Neal William's Adventures. It new book about a boy named William who met a worm named Wayne the Worm. Neal imagined if he could be small and he did become small. Wayne and Neal went on great adventures! If you want to find out what kind of adventures they went on you have to come to the library and read it, it is very suitable for seniors and juniors.  

Flat Stanley

Created by: Jeff  Brown
by: Lori Haskins Houran
Pictures by: Macky Pamintuan

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This is a story for kids who are Year 3/4 and up, because it has difficult words. This story is about a boy who was squashed by something and he stayed squashed forever. There are four people in his family including him, his mum and dad and the little brother. The little brother is his friend at school too. He had a pet mouse too!
I encourage you to read this book because it's funny!     

THE Witches

Author: Roald Dahl
See the source imageIllustrated by: Quentin Blake

The Witches are trying to make every child disappear! Read this crazy story about plotting and scheming witches, recommended for Seniors and teachers.


Aaron Blabey the author and illustrator of pig the pug and now...  


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Busting is about Lou, Lou needs to go to the loo but he fails to find some were to go.
"Lou was BUSTING for the loo .
But the had quite a Queue!
What on earth was Lou to do?"

"I need the loo! screamed poor old  Luo. We do to, replied the queue. I need it MORE! cried Luo I DO!" 
"But all the queue told Lou to SHOO! Oooh cried Lou What shall I do? I'll have to find another loo...?" 

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Nga Atua Maori Gods

Author : Robyn Kahukiwa
Illustrator : Robyn Kahukiwa
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Nga Atua is a really lovely book about the Maori gods. It includes Tane, Hine-te-iwaiwa (The God of Women), (Tangaroa) The sea, (Mahuika) fire and many others. It is a really interesting book, I recommend reading this book because you will definitely learn a lot from this, it has stories about how Maui caught the huge fish, and many more. I think Nga Atua  is an easy and beautiful introduction to Maori gods for readers of all ages.

Claire's Goodbye

Author: Libby Gleeson
Illustrator: Anna Pigataro
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Claire's Goodbye is a great story for Juniors because this is a story about how to make people happy. Claire loves dancing because it's her last day in her house plus Claire and her mom will be going to a new house. Everyone loves Claire even her neighbours and her friends will be missing Claire and her mom. On the blurb it says ''We all have our own way of saying goodbye''.


Created by Charles Hope
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Check out the new book in the library called Schools. It's a great book because it will show you all the types of schools. Did you know that the biggest school in the world has more than 47,000 students! and over 1,000 classrooms!? That school would be massive! All these different schools have lots of different things and they teach things like science, building, medical stuff and more! I think this would be a good book to read and look at for year 2's and up.