Ben and Mark Boys of the High Country

Author /Photographer: Christine Fernyhough and John Bougen.

This book was a real treasure for me as I already had purchased this for my two boys at home. I have a dream to own land and pictured my own two boys as Ben and Mark running around a farm and being real boys.

Some interesting points about this book.

-Wonderful great pictures and photographs...really interesting photos around the farm;

-Easy to read captions about the photos;

-Chapters are all different and talking about the boys life on the farm;

-Chapters highlighted were; The Boys themselves, their dogs, mustering sheep, their horses, cattle and deer, sheep, fun, Events and the future.

Read the book and afterwards you might picture yourself as one of them living in a really different place rather than living in Papatoetoe Manukau.


Reviewed by Mr Gilbert.

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