How Smudge Came

Written by Nan Gregory Illustrated by Ron Lightburn "If there is one thing Cindy knows, this is no place for a puppy. Up goes the puppy, tucked into her bag. Home goes Cindy." Cindy is developmentally challenged. In the home where she lives, no dogs are allowed, so she must hide her new-found puppy in her room and bundle him up when she goes to work as cleaning woman in the house called Hospice. There she meets Jan, who is ill. He is so blind he can barely see the dog; it looks like a smudge in the dark to him. But oh, how nice to hold the puppy. What will Cindy do? Strong-willed and loving as she may be, rules are rules. Who will care for Smudge? Reviewed by Nikita & Roanna.

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