Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck! by Kyle Mewburn

I think the story Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck! was a wonderful because on the first page Auntie Elsie was saying some weird things like "Hi-De-Hi Andie apple pie". The illustrations are also great because they are real backgrounds with cartoon type characters in front. The whole story was really awesome. I liked the part when Andy went and hugged his Auntie - cute! I want to say to Kyle Mewburn that you write "Awesome Books". It was cool he got the idea from his mum's sloppy red kisses!

Reviewed by Vaasu d4 (Year 5)


  1. We just read this story in the library
    and WE think that Aunty Elsie would be hard to get away from

  2. Kiss Kiss yuck yuck is a awsome story.

    from karan

  3. wow what a great book and a good one for the kids.