Zac Power: Tomb of Doom and Thrill Ride

By: H.I Larry
Publisher: Pocket Rocket

Pack your bags and get ready for 2 new thrilling adventures with Zac Power . . . . . . . . .

Tomb of Doom: Zac's latest mission is to find a top GIB agent missing near the Vanshing Pyrimads. Zac will need more then a bag full of gadgets he'll need something that can complete the mission... and get out alive!

Thrill Ride: Zac goes to the scariest theme park, Zac uncovers a plot that's even more evil than the roller-coaster. Can Zac brave the rides and find out what's really going on down at Shark Park?

These Quick Reads sound so fascinating!
Come to the Library and and unravel the mystery!

By: Shivaansh

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  1. Shivaansh this is a wonderful review. I'm going tocheck it out right away.