Diary of a Soccer Star

Written By: Shamini Flint

My name is Marcus Atkinson
And I am nine years old.

I don't want
To play soccer.

I don't want
To keep a diary.

But dad says that
Writing my goals
Will help me achieve them.

Yeah Right!

I scored an own goal
With my bottom-
Does life get
Any worse
Than that?

Ir you like soccer and lots of laughs
then this is the book for you.
If you like sneaking and reading other people's diarys and you are a soccer freak then this is the book for you!-
Maybe it might help you write your own diary.
Read this book and dicover all of Marcus's secrets.

We recommend this book to 7-9 years who like soccer and lots of laughs.

If you read this book and you like it then try to get your hands on Diary of a Cricket God.

Reviewed by: Leilani & Krisha

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  1. Great review girls - really makes me want to read this book!!