I'm Not A Plastic Bag

Our Garbage Has A Life Of Its Own.
What happens to things we so casually throw away? In fact, much of our trash makes its way to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where it joins one of the largest collections of human waste on the planet.
Artist and storyteller Rachel Hope Allison's first graphic novel brings to life the plight of our oceans in a moving fable about beauty, loneliness and hope.

by Amaru


  1. This book might be a good book for me because in class my literacy group was learning about how plastic bags are polluting earth.

  2. This looks very interesting for all of the people out there that are just leaving plastic bags everywhere and this book might show them what there doing to the earth.

  3. Thanks for choosing this book because the Koru group in D1 are learning about it and we will have a surprise 4 everyone on Friday next week for assembly.

  4. This is a great influence for people not to throw plastic bags away.